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Direct Mount



This Nightforce system combines a high quality CNC machined 7075-T6 hard anodized aluminum base with an integrated ring design. Built to mount directly to your Remington 700 short or long actions, the 20 MOA taper maximizes internal adjustment. The Direct Mount ensures true alignment and maximum strength for precision shooting. Like all Nightforce mounts, it incorporates an integral recoil lug which prevents any movement of the base or stress on the screws attaching the Direct Mount to the receiver. It is the ultimate in a weight-saving one-piece design.


Nightforce Direct Mount
Part NumberDescription
A103Rem 700 SA 1.0” Med. 20 MOA 30mm
A106Rem 700 SA 1.125” High 20 MOA 30mm
A102Rem 700 LA 1.0” Med. 20 MOA 30mm
A105Rem 700 LA 1.125” High 20 MOA 30mm
A220Rem 700 SA .885" Low 20 MOA 30mm
A219Rem 700 LA .885" Low 20 MOA 30mm
Direct Mount attaches to respective Remington 700 actions.
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