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One Piece Steel Base



An integral recoil lug machined on the bottom of the base (Rem 700 and HS700) provides a precise fit when bedded to rifle actions, preventing any movement of the base or recoil stress on screws holding the base to the receiver.Our one-piece bases are machined to exact Mil. Std. 1913 specification rail dimensions. This design allows the same scope to be used on several different rifles, always optimizing eye relief. A 20 Minute of Angle (MOA) taper is standard, with a 40 MOA taper offered for Remington 700 bases. Designed for right-or left-hand actions, our bases will never interfere with loading or extraction.


Nightforce One Piece Steel Bases
Product NumberDescription
A115Rem 700 SA 20 MOA
A116Rem 700 SA 40 MOA
A112Rem 700 LA 20 MOA
A113Rem 700 LA 40 MOA
A146HS 700 SA 20 MOA (8-40 screws)
A150HS 700 SA 40 MOA (8-40 screws)
A135HS 700 LA 20 MOA (8-40 screws)
A139HS 700 LA 40 MOA (8-40 screws)
A198Win 70 SA 20 MOA
A196Win 70 LA 20 MOA
A199Win 70 Short Mag 20 MOA
A168Sav SA New Style 20 MOA
A165Sav LA New Style 20 MOA
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