TS-82 Spotting Scope Case

The TS-82 Spotting Scope Case is a protective case with individual cut outs and divider to protect your spotting scope and accessories. The case is compatible with straight and angled models and includes individual cutouts for an additional eye piece, accessory rail, or other accessories.

TS-82 Case

TS-82 Spotting Scope Sleeve

TS-82 Spotting Scope Sleeve is a soft protective case available for both the angled and straight Nightforce TS-82 Spotting Scope. The Spotting Scope Sleeve is a modular design which allows full use of the spotting scope, including access to the knurled focus wheel. The TS-82 Spotting Scope fits in the Nightforce Spotting Scope Case with the sleeve installed.

TS-82 Sleeve

The Nightforce Optical Cleaning Kit

The Nightforce Optical Cleaning Kit includes a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, lint brush, and anti-fog cleaning solution all packaged in a hard case.  

Cleaning kit

TS-82™ Spotting Scope Accessories
Part Number Description
A290 Spotting Scope Case, TS-82™
A291 Spotting Scope Sleeve, TS-82™ - Straight
A358 Spotting Scope Sleeve, TS-82™ - Angled
A280 20-70x Eyepiece, TS-82™ Spotter
A275 30-60x Wide Angle Eyepiece, TS-82™ Spotter
A278 Straight Body, TS-82™ Spotter
A279 Angled Body, TS-82™ Spotter
A274 Accessory Rail, 1913 Mil-Standard, Spotter
A276 iPhone Adapter, Spotting Scope, iPhone 4/4S
A277 iPhone Adapter, Spotting Scope, iPhone 5
A281 Lens Cap Set, TS-82™ Spotter
A282 Knurled Grommets (Set), TS-82™ Spotter