1. Are Nightforce Optics riflescopes night-vision scopes?

No. However they are optically designed to transmit as much ambient light from the environment to increase your shooting time.

2. Are Nightforce Optics riflescopes night-vision compatible?

There are different Night Vision systems in use today and compatibility with our optics is dependent on the Night Vision system used. In-Line Night Vision that is mounted in front of the optic is compatible with our optics assuming that the correct mounting height is used for alignment. Rear-mounted units are compatible assuming that our illumination is turned off.

3. Where are Nightforce Optics riflescopes made?

Some of our optics are engraved with "Made in USA" while others are engraved with "Made in Japan." The country of origin for the source of the primary core components of the optics requires the appropriate “Made in” designation.

We have worked with the premier Japanese firm since our earliest days, as they have proven time and again to be industry leaders in optical design and manufacturing. It has always been the Nightforce Optics goal to build and offer the best optics in the world. With that said, all of the final assembly and quality assurance testing to guarantee Nightforce Optics standards is conducted at our factory in Orofino, Idaho. All service, modifications and warranty work is performed in our Idaho facility as well.

4. How long has Nightforce Optics been in business?

Nightforce Optics has been in business since 1992, and celebrated its 20 year anniversary in 2012.

5. Do Nightforce riflescopes have illuminated reticles?

Currently, all Nightforce Optics riflescopes come standard with an illuminated reticle. For the full-size NXS models, the illumination is activated by pulling out on the parallax knob. The illumination intensity is preset at the factory for a low ambient light level environment. The intensity of the illumination is not externally adjustable. Adjustment is located beneath the battery. Refer to owner’s manual for setting instructions.

The compact NXS and Benchrest models feature externally adjustable illumination settings using variable rheostats.

For all models, the replacement battery size is the CR2032.

6. Will my Nightforce Optics riflescope withstand the abuse of my heavy recoiling rifle?

Yes. On top of the rugged construction, all of our riflescopes are multi-axis, multiple side impact and forward impact tested. The impact forces far exceed that of normal recoil energies. Before, during and after this testing Nightforce Optics riflescopes must maintain an inspection standard of zero point of impact shift. Ruggedness and durability is at the heart of all Nightforce optics, with the NXS models having been proven to repetitively withstand recoil greater than that of the 50 BMG and 14.5/114mm Russian calibers.

7. Do you have finished inventory to ship?

Nightforce Optics is a build to order manufacturer. All orders that are received will have an estimated lead time from the order date. However with our vast network of stocking dealers, it is likely that the optic you are interested in will be available for immediate purchase. DEALER LOCATOR

8. How quickly can I get a scope?

Lead-times vary depending on availability and current production capacity. For the best search option, click here for our DEALER LOCATOR This locator will offer a list of e-commerce dealers, a global search option, as well as a zip code search field to assist you in finding your nearest local dealer. Please use the locator to find a dealer that has the product you are interested in available for purchase.

9. How does Nightforce compare to other high -end riflescopes?

Our motto is “Rugged. Reliable. Repeatable.”™ This is a strong claim, but we have proven it with our civilian and military customers that use our products every day and in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth. You cannot find a higher quality riflescope that will give the user the utmost precision and speed, but also withstand any condition a riflescope would be subjected to. You will be able to tell the difference the moment you pick one up. Our adjustments are accurate, true & repeatable.

10. Which scope should I buy?

With the various models of scopes, reticle options and turret configurations available; the decision is a personal one. There are a few factors to consider when making a scope selection:
+Intended use of the optic/firearm/ammunition combination:
+General Target Shooting
+Tactical Shooting
+or Some combination of the above
+Intended distances of targets
+Your preference for level of magnification or level of field of view.
+Your preference for Bullet Drop Compensation, Minute of Angle or Mil-Radian based reticles and adjustments.

After considering these factors, you should have a much better idea of the scope configuration that will fit your needs. If additional assistance is required, please contact your local Nightforce Optics dealer or the Nightforce Customer Service Department at 208-476-9814.

11. What is the difference between the Nightforce Optics Benchrest and NXS riflescope?

Both NXS and Benchrest models are held to the same optical quality and zero point of impact shift standards. The two models offer different features and benefits that are dependent on your application. The NXS models are designed for field applications, and will withstand more rigorous conditions than any other riflescopes on the market today. The Benchrest models are designed with the long-range precision shooter in mind, where utmost accuracy is pursued in a controlled environment, such as on a rifle range or varmint field.

12. Is the whole eye piece on the NXS supposed to rotate?

For our NXS 3.5-15x, 5.5-22x, 8-32x, and 12-42x the answer is YES. When the diopter adjustment is locked in place by the lock-ring after you have focused the reticle for your vision correction, the power zoom ring and the eyepiece will move as one unit.

This is a design feature to make for a stronger and more water resistant eyepiece. By having the entire eyepiece move for magnification adjustment, it is much easier to change the adjustment while under stress or in cold and/or wet conditions.

For our NXS 1-4x and 2.5-10x the answer is NO. Due to the compact design of these models, these riflescopes feature a power zoom ring independent of eye piece.

13. Which reticle would be best for my application?

All Nightforce Optics reticles have listed recommendations on our website or in our catalog. It ultimately comes down to the customer’s personal preference and application. Whether it is for competition, long range hunting, varmint shooting, dangerous game, or military and law enforcement, we’re confident that we have a reticle that will best suit your needs.

14. Why would I choose a 56mm objective over a 50mm?

The 56mm objective lens is designed to transmit as much light as possible for maximum resolution and exit pupil size across the entire magnification range. This equates to a brighter and clearer image during that crucial extended twilight shooting time.

15. What is the warranty on Nightforce Riflescopes?

All current model Nightforce Optics (excluding MIL-SPEC optics which carry a 10 year warranty) come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers mechanical defects in materials and workmanship in the optical and mechanical components and is fully transferable. Exclusions of this warranty include intentional or accidental damage, abuse, misuse, modifications, and improper mounting.

That being said, if you manage to break a Nightforce we want to hear about it. If you need a repair performed, please contact our Customer Service Department at 208-476-9814.

16. Does Nightforce Optics offer ballistic turret caps?

No. Currently Nightforce Optics does not directly offer ballistic turret caps. However, ballistic turret caps can be purchased from aftermarket manufacturers.

17. Does Nightforce Optics offer ballistic reticles?

Yes. We offer a series of ballistic reticles catering to most calibers. Nightforce Optics offers two styles of Velocity™ reticles. The Velocity™ 600 reticles are available in the NXS 2.5-10x32 and The Velocity™ 1000 reticles are available in our NXS 3.5-15x and 5.5-22x riflescopes. Like all of our riflescopes, illumination is standard. In addition to hold over markings, windage compensation in 5 and 10 mph increments (up to 15mph on the 1000 yard version) is clearly indicated.

18. What is the difference between a first and second focal plane?

Reticle placement within the erector tube determines if the riflescope is a First or Second Focal Plane. The erector assembly is a critical assembly within the riflescope and is what is responsible for magnifying or de-magnifying the image.

A reticle in the First Focal Plane is placed at the front of the erector assembly and remains in the same visual proportion to the target across the riflescopes entire magnification range. While the proportions of the reticle will appear to change when adjusting the magnification, in reality the reticles values are remaining in proportion to the target. This is beneficial for rapid ranging and holdovers at various distances and magnifications.

A reticle in the Second Focal Plane is placed at the rear of the erector assembly will appear to stay constant in size across the magnification range. The reticle subtensions are set at a pre-determined magnification change as magnification changes. Simple math can be used to determine the change in values, yet the reticle line size will remain consistent for a fine aiming point regardless of magnification.

19. Is it ok to turn the elevation and windage knobs to their extreme positions?

Yes. One of the benefits to a Nightforce riflescope is the ability to dial to the extreme positions and depend on accurate and true adjustments regardless of adjustment position. There are limiters to prevent over travel, but care must be taken not to exert additional force once the end of the travel range has been reached.

20. Can I get a reticle changed, and if so, what is the cost?

Yes, we offer reticle changes for both our first and second focal planes models. If you are interested in this service, please contact our Customer Service Department at 208-476-9814. Also please see our Factory Service Form at: SERVICE REPAIR

21. Can I get a Hi-Speed ZeroStop on my older Nightforce Optics NXS riflescope?

Yes. We offer a modification for all of our riflescopes that are currently available in production, excluding the NXS 12-42x56 and Benchrest models. If you are interested in this service, please contact our Customer Service Department at 208-476-9814. Also please see our Factory Service Form: HERE

22. Do I need to lap my Nightforce Optics rings?

No. We do not recommend lapping our rings. Nightforce Optics rings are manufactured to strict tolerances and specifications and even the thickness of our anodizing is taken into account. All of our ring sets are mounted to a Mil-Std-1913 rail test fixture and checked for proper fit and alignment before being packaged.

23. What are the operating specs for your software?

The Nightforce Optics Ballistic Program is compatible with Windows operating systems. Current compatibility options: (as of 2/12)

Windows P.C.,

Windows mobile up to Version 6.5,

Palm based O.S. Version 5.0

24. Which ring height do I need based on ring sizing chart and basic barrel contours or taper?

You will need a ring height that provides clearance between the barrel and the riflescope. Keep in mind that your dust cover, flip up caps, etc. will need additional clearance if you choose to use one of these items. Nightforce ring measurements are from the top of the base to the center of the ring opening.

If you need any help for ring height selection please contact our Customer Service Department at 208-476-9814.

Please see our website for more information on selecting the proper ring height. www.NightforceOptics.com

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