2010 World Record

10 shots, 2.815 inches, 1000 yards – In September 2010, Matthew D. Kline shattered the existing Heavy Gun World Record, breaking the three-inch barrier for the first time. He used a 300 WSM topped with a Nightforce 8-32 x 56 Precision Benchrest scope. Congratulations, Matt!

World Champion

Leo Anderson, holder of multiple 1000-yard world records since 2003. Leo has four new 1000-yard benchrest world records pending in 2007 (Light Gun Class). He also won the Overall Light Gun Champion title at the 2007 Northwest 1000 Yard Benchrest Association Championship Shoot. Leo said, ”to shoot the best you have to shoot the best equipment. That’s why I shoot Nightforce. Customer service is excellent… Nightforce is a great company to deal with.”

2003 World Record

“The superior image detail, quality and precision adjustments on my Nightforce 12-42 x 56 was exactly the confidence builder I needed to secure the 1000-yard benchrest world record, for group, in 2003-2006 (Light Gun class). I am convinced that without Nightforce, there wouldn’t have been a ten-shot, 4.2275” group at 1000 yards, and no world record for me.” –Kyle Brown

2006 World Record

Cody Finch produced a new 1000-yard world record for group (Light Gun Class) in 2006, placing 10 shots in 3.835″ with his Nightforce 12-42 x 56. “I honestly think it’s the best scope out there,” he said. “If you want to win at this game, you’d better use a Nightforce.”

2007 Wimbledon Cup national Championship

SGT Brandon Green, winner of the 2007 Wimbledon Cup national championships at Camp Perry, Ohio. For this 1000-yard ”any rifle, any sight” match, Sgt. Green used Nightforce. We put our heart and soul into building the ultimate optical instruments for competitors like Sgt. Green. After all, at Nightforce we’re shooters, too. And we like to win as much as anyone does.

2006 Wimbledon Cup

SFC Norm Anderson, winner of the 2006 Wimbledon Cup, the premier long-range event in U.S. competition. Between 400 and 500 shooters compete at 1000 yards, using any rifle and any sighting system. SFC Anderson used a Nightforce 5.5-22 x 56 NXS. The Herrick Trophy Team Match, also an “any rifle, any sight” competition, pits the nation’s best teams against each other at 1000-yard targets. The USAMU “Praslick” team took top honors in 2005, 2006 and 2007, also setting a new national record in 2006 that had stood for over twenty years. Their scopes? Also the Nightforce 5.5-22 x 56 NXS. The four-man team, along with their two coaches, put 88 rounds in a 17″ group, including sighter shots, using four different Nightforce scopes. That’s the ultimate in consistency, both for scopes and shooters.