The Ultralite™ MagMount™ adds a third crossbolt for even greater protection against recoil. It is offered in 1.375” height/30mm diameter and 1.44″ height/34mm diameter versions. The height of the Ultralite™ MagMount™ allows clearance of 56mm objective riflescopes when mounted on a continuous rail. MagMounts™ have a zero degree taper.


The new Compact Magmount™ adds to the tough and reliable Nightforce Xtreme-Duty™ Ultralite Unimount™ and Magmount™ mounting systems, with titanium/aluminum construction providing the performance of steel at half the weight.  The Compact Magmount™ requires less rail space than the traditional Magmount, and is available to fit 34mm riflescope tubes.  Options available include both zero and 20 MOA of taper.

NFO Compact MagMount


X-Treme Duty - Ultralite™ One-Piece Magmount™

Part Number



MagMount™ 1.375" - 0 MOA - 3 Jaw/Nut - 30mm


MagMount™ 1.44" - 0 MOA - 3 Jaw/Nut - 34mm


Compact MagMount™ 1.5" - 0 MOA - 34mm


Compact MagMount™ 1.5" - 20 MOA - 34mm