NFO Competition Fixed 42x44

When weight is critical, yet maximum performance is essential, our newest riflescope is a game-changer.

Purpose-built for the lightweight requirements of short-range Benchrest, this new addition to the CompetitionTM family also excels in precision rimfire and air-rifle applications.

By eliminating the inherent weight of a variable-power mechanism, we were able to build the Competition™ Fixed 42x44 at just 20.7 ounces…without sacrificing the stunning images produced by ED glass or the robust mechanics for which we are known.

As with every Nightforce riflescope, the adjustments (1/8 MOA per click, 10 MOA per revolution) track true and without backlash. The side parallax adjusts from 10 meters to infinity and the eyepiece focuses the etched glass reticle quickly.

This CompetitionTM model utilizes a 44mm objective lens and incorporates premium ED glass, which provides a beautiful image through the optic in any condition. The tube diameter is 30mm, with an overall length of 15.2 inches. Our fine line reticle, the CTR-3TM, and fine line with dot reticle, the CTR-2TM, are available in this model.

Enhanced high contrast engraving is easier to see with larger numbers than most other riflescopes in its class. Internally, there are 45 minutes of angle of elevation adjustment and 35 minutes of windage adjustment available.

As with every CompetitionTM riflescope, the Fixed 42x44 undergoes a rigorous inspection process, to include our legendary impact test, before it can wear the Nightforce name.

The game has changed. The Competition™ Fixed 42x44 is making the rules.


Competition Fixed 42x44

Competition Fixed 42x44

    Click & Drag to Rotate


    Competition™ Fixed 42x44

    Focal Plane


    Magnification Range


    Objective lens diameter


    Tube diameter

    30 mm/1.18 in

    Internal adjustment range (MOA/Mil)

    e: 45 MOA
    w: 35 MOA

    Click value

    .125 MOA

    Calibrated Ranging Power


    Parallax adjustment

    10m to ∞

    Exit pupil diameter

    42x: 1.05 mm

    Eye relief

    88 mm

    Field of view @100 yards/100 meters

    42x: 2.87 ft

    Objective outer diameter

    53 mm

    Eyepiece outer diameter

    43 mm

    Overall length (inches/mm)

    15.2 in

    Weight (ounces/grams)

    20.7 oz

    Mounting length (inches/mm)

    6.2 in

    Front/Rear Mounting Length

    2.75 in / 69.9 mm

    PTL (Power Throw Lever)


    Reticles available

    CTR-2™, CTR-3™



    Elevation Feature

    Finger Adjustable




    Competition™ - Fixed 42x44 - .125 MOA - CTR-2™


    Competition™ - Fixed 42x44 - .125 MOA - CTR-3™

    CTR-2™ Reticle

    Highly precise reticle with .016 MOA vertical and horizontal lines and a .095 MOA center dot. Reticle subtends properly at 40x.

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    Available In

    • Competition 15-55x52
    • Competition Fixed 42x44

    CTR-3™ Reticle

    The ultimate in simplicity with .016 MOA nonilluminated vertical and horizontal lines, and nothing else to distract the eye. Reticle subtends properly at 40x.

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    Available In

    • Competition 15-55x52
    • Competition Fixed 42x44