The Bullet Completely Penetrated the Erector Tube

The hole you see in the well-used Nightforce 3.5-15 x 50 NXS riflescope was made by an enemy 7.62×39 round fired at a U.S. soldier.

The bullet completely penetrated the erector tube—the heart of the scope’s optical system. We’re happy to report that the soldier was not injured, and the only casualty is the riflescope’s magnification ring, frozen on 15x. Its focus, tracking, and all other functions work just fine. It holds point of aim like new.

The soldier wrapped the riflescope in duct tape to keep out sand and dirt, and used it without a problem for the next three days, completing his mission. We receive many stories like this. Because Nightforce riflescopes are used in active theaters by most of the elite special forces worldwide, they are subjected to— and survive— the most brutal conditions imaginable.

We won’t say they are bullet proof, but there is one soldier who would argue otherwise.